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Not everyone likes gamer aesthetics.

I do not blame them, because I personally also run away from it as much as I can and always try to find a balance between a thing that works well and that does not look like a spaceship full of lights and strange shapes.

Here comes Razer, a company that usually has risky designs that are very typical of the world of gaming, but also has a line of products designed for those who work in an office and want to have a keyboard, a mouse and a mat like God He commands without attracting everyone's attention.

This is where your productivity devices come in.

The latest releases are the Pro Type Ultra keyboard, the Pro Click Mini mouse, and the oversized mousepad, which I directly consider a mat, the Pro Glide.

They are white, they are easy to clean, they do not make noise so as not to disturb colleagues and they do not have flashy lights, huge logos nor are they really designed to play video games with them.

I start with the mouse, which is a more portable version of the Razer Pro Click.

While it thinks more about ergonomics and being able to use it for hours and hours, the Razer Pro Click Mini takes more into consideration being small to go in a backpack and being able to take it to work outside the home or office.

It may also simply be a custom mouse for someone with smaller hands, but the fact is that it works well, it takes a battery to recharge it with a USB-C cable from the mobile or the computer and includes a couple of extra buttons to manage you something better with infinite Excels.

Next to the mouse, there is the Pro Type Ultra, a somewhat improved version of the Pro Type that the company already had and that includes two features that I consider fantastic: it is wireless and mechanical, that is, the keys have switches underneath that make them writing is more comfortable, make fewer mistakes and your hands suffer a little less in the long run.

It has its own custom-made wrist rest that matches perfectly in color and has the ideal height so as not to force the wrist in the wrong direction, so that you save if you buy the keyboard.

When using a mechanical switch, one might think that this keyboard would annoy office mates, but they are the silent type.

They sound more than a traditional silicone keyboard, but they are far from the blue or brown switches on the Cherry MX, for example.

And to top it off, the Glide Pro. This mouse pad is available in two sizes, the largest being the one that most catches my eye because that way you can have a keyboard and mouse on the same surface and safeguard your table.

Its color is perhaps the only bad thing, because although it combines and is discreet, it will get dirty very quickly for sure.

Good luck with the coffee stains.

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