Computer hackers are currently reselling French passports and identity cards on Dark Web e-commerce sites.

This is what Zataz, a site specializing in computer crime, spotted on Wednesday,




In total, more than 3,000 identity documents are said to be on sale for an average price of $ 600.

If these official documents are supposed to be difficult to modify, malicious people can however usurp the identity of the victim with this data to open a business or contract a loan.

5,000 passports already on sale in June

If you have recently lost or had your identity document stolen, it is strongly recommended that you report it to the authorities as soon as possible.

Once this report has been made, the police will be able to more easily identify and prevent theft.

Last June, the hackers behind the sale had already issued more than 5,000 passports to promote their business.

They had been stolen from hotels in the Dominican Republic.

The hackers had also put up for sale, for 3,000 dollars, some 70 million personal data of American nationals, recalls




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