Once again, Russia threatens to fine Meta (Facebook) and Google for refusing to remove certain information on Russian websites.

This is reported by the Russian news service Interfax.

The agency that oversees communications, information technology and mass media (Roskomnadzor) has filed a complaint in a Moscow court.

Google and Facebook allegedly failed to respond to repeated requests to remove certain information.

The information in question would be prohibited under Russian law.

It is not clear what kind of information is involved.

Google and Facebook now face a fine of 5% to 10% of total revenue in the calendar year prior to the calendar year of the violation.

Hearings in this case will be held on December 24.

Russia has been tackling the major American tech companies in recent weeks.

Google was fined in November for refusing to remove certain content.

That fine was 'only' 35,000 euros, but a month earlier Google was also fined 377,000 euros.