We would not have expected the reaction from Ford that quickly, but please.

“A six-cylinder would be nice,” was the request in the report on three special Ranger models.

Lo and behold: As Ford is now announcing, the new model will be available with a 6-cylinder turbodiesel that has been adapted to the requirements and that undoubtedly draws its beefy performance from 3 liters of displacement.

For customers who pay more attention to the penny, two four-cylinder diesels with a displacement of 2 liters each are offered.

Depending on the version, the power is transmitted via an automatic transmission with ten or six stages and a manual switch with six gears.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Engine".

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For rear-wheel drive, electronic front-wheel drive can be switched on while driving. Or you can choose the version with permanent all-wheel drive. A plug-in hybrid is likely to be added later. However, Ford is still silent about the diesel as well as the technical data.

It's about a lot. Americans ascribe a 40 percent share in the European pick-up market, which must be defended. In addition, the front is now even more robust in the wind, the wheelbase and track increase by 5 centimeters each. Because the Ranger is a car for pleasure and load, the loading area has a certain importance. In the future, access to it should be more contortion-free, and steps behind the rear wheels will help when boarding. The loading area becomes slightly wider and is coated with plastic so that a worker who works there no longer has to kneel on bare metal.

Inside is a kind of luxury, with an upright, touch-sensitive screen in two sizes, voice control and a 360-degree camera.

Developed in Australia, built in Thailand and South Africa, the new Ranger is expected to come to Germany in mid-2022.

And he won't be left alone.

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