You can breed your dream




and NLZIET finally has user profiles.

These are the apps of the week.


Google has named Balance as the app of 2021. Every year, the company publishes a list of the most noticed apps in the past year.

This time, Google focuses on apps that motivate personal growth and help users get to know themselves better.

Balance is a coach who helps meditate.

Every day in the app you answer questions about your experiences and goals around your meditations.

Balance then chooses a meditation session that suits you well.

The app also offers sleep meditations and sleep sounds to prepare users for a good night's sleep.

For the rest of this year, the app will offer new users a free annual subscription.

After that, users have to pay monthly.

Download Balance for Android or iOS (free).


For anyone interested in horses,

Wildshade is

the ultimate game.


Wildshade you

get the opportunity to breed a unique horse.

From their color and mane to the saddle and blanket: everything is up to you.

You start by creating your own character, which surprisingly gives you far fewer options than with the horses you can breed.

Then you can race.

You send your horse through a course, picking up items and casting magical spells on your opponents.

Kind of like

Mario Kart

, but with horses.

You can breed a new horse in the game by mating a stallion and a mare.

This way you can create your dream horse little by little.

Both in appearance and other characteristics, such as speed and power.

Fortunately, you don't have to wait for the foals to grow up, because they are immediately ready for your next race.

Download Wildshade for Android or iOS (free).


User profiles have finally been added in streaming app NLZIET.

Just like with Netflix or Videoland, family members with such a profile can come up with their own version of the app.

They then see their personal recommendations and saved series.

From now on, a maximum of five profiles can be created in the app.

These profiles can also be found in the web version of NLZIET or the apps for Apple TV and other devices.

With NLZIET you can watch Dutch programs again.

This does not only apply to programs from the NPO, but also to those of RTL and SBS.

Watching live television is also possible with the app.

Download NLZIET for Android or iOS (free).

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