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long bridge comes

and the children want to make the most of it.

Going to the cinema is a good option

and here are 6 feature films (among others,

Clifford, the big red dog


Ghostbusters: Beyond



) to enjoy comedies and very animated stories projected on a good screen ... and with popcorn and soft drinks if that is the case.

CHARM (Disney Musical)

Disney is ahead of the holidays and already has an animated film in theaters in which music plays a very prominent role.



, the protagonist is Mirabel,

a Colombian girl who lives with her relatives in a large house located in a rural area.

All members of the Madrigal family (except her)

have supernatural powers

that come from a candle that must always remain lit.

But, when she has visions that something bad could happen to them, events are triggered.

The musical numbers in which Lin-Manuel Miranda has participated are brilliant.

CLIFFORD, THE BIG RED DOG (New York Adventure)

Emily Elizabeth is a New York girl whose life takes a big change when

a little red dog

enters her and

, overnight, turns into a huge animal.

A rarity that will be chased through the streets and parks of New York by a millionaire who seeks to change the world, but also by the police and by thousands of curious people who try to take a photo for Instagram.


family film with a lot of action

that claims the importance of not feeling excluded for 'being different'.

PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE (Animation based on the TV series)

It was released months ago, but this feature film that expands on the stories of the

ultra-famous television series

about dogs that help people is

still in many cinemas


Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, and Everest

are their names.

And, in this film, he and his human friend Ryder will be joined by a dog named Liberty in an adventure that will take them to Adventure City, where the evil Mayor Humdinger rules.

Very entertaining (even for parents) with action-packed scenes.

EL REFUGIO (Spanish comedy)

In this family film,

Luna Fulgencio and Loles León meet

again the faces behind

Father there is no more than no 2


Along with them,

Leo Harlem, María Barranco, Mariam Hernández, Sara Sálamo or David Guapo

participate in a crazy plot that takes place inside a mountain refuge in which their characters have been isolated.

A possible Yeti, love affairs back and forth and even ghosts

appear in this white comedy directed by

Macarena Astorga.

RON DA ERROR (Animation with a robot)

The world that this animated movie imagines is fictional.

But you never know ... In the future, humans and robots coexist in such a way that

many children have one of those machines as 'their best friend'


The action kicks off when 11-year-old Barney discovers that his new colleague is flawed.

Some mistakes that will turn every day into a great adventure.

GHOST HUNTER: BEYOND (Fantastic Adventures)

With actors and a setting that are very reminiscent of the

Stranger Things






has taken a leap in time ... and has been renewed


Although, to the delight of mature fans,

Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd appear again

, three of the four original Ghostbusters.

And the plot?

Better to be carried away by the magic of a production with remarkable special effects.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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