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arrest warrant for Son Jun-seong, who was involved in the accusation, has been dismissed. It was the second warrant requested by the Ministry of Airborne Affairs, and the reason for dismissal of the first court was not different from the lack of necessity and reasonableness of arrest, which was the reason for dismissal of the first court. From the arrest warrants to the 1st and 2nd arrest warrants, the Ministry of Airborne Affairs was repeatedly judged that the investigation was insufficient. 

Correspondent Park Chan-geun.


As with the dismissal of the first arrest warrant in October, the court judged that Prosecutor Son Jun-seong's criminal charges were insufficient.

The chief judge in charge of the warrant of the Seoul Central District Court, Seo Bo-min, said that while it seemed necessary to guarantee the right of defense of the suspect, the explanation for the reason, necessity, and relevance of the arrest was not sufficient.

[Son Jun-seong/Prosecutor: We thank the judiciary for making a wise decision regarding the repeated request for an arrest warrant from the

Airborne Service

.] The

Airborne Service conducted a reinforcement investigation after the first arrest warrant for Sohn was dismissed.

Prosecutor Sohn was called twice for further investigation, and in the first arrest warrant, the author and sender of the complaint, who were not specifically specified, were pointed out this time, and the real names of the prosecutors under Sohn at the time were also listed.

However, as the warrant has been dismissed again, it is expected that the investigation by the Airborne Service will be inevitably disrupted.

Investigations into the Supreme Prosecutor's Office at the time, including candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, who was also charged with the People's Power presidential election, are also expected to become virtually difficult.

As the warrant for Prosecutor Sohn, the subject of the first arrest warrant request since the launch of the Air Airborne Service, has been repeatedly dismissed, it is highly likely that the investigative capacity will also rise.

Prosecutor Sohn is accused of having a subordinate to write a complaint against passport personnel while serving as an investigative information policy officer at the Supreme Prosecutor's Office last year and forwarding it to Rep. Kim Woong, the People's Power.