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journey back to the pre-Coronavirus has stopped after a month. Starting next Monday, the number of people who can gather in one place will decrease again, and the number of facilities covered by the quarantine pass will increase. The government said it would focus on strengthening the dam for quarantine for the next four weeks.

First news today (3rd), this is reporter Jang Se-man.


There are three special quarantine measures that the government has introduced. First, the number of people allowed for private gatherings will be reduced from next Monday.

The number of people in the metropolitan area will be changed from 10 to 6, and from 12 to 8 in the non-metropolitan area.

An unvaccinated person may include only one person.

[Kwon Deok-cheol/Minister of Health and Welfare: It is difficult to stabilize the current quarantine situation when considering new risk factors such as omicron mutation and the decrease in medical response capacity.]

Second, expansion of the quarantine pass application.

The quarantine pass, which was limited to high-risk facilities such as indoor sports facilities, karaoke rooms, and entertainment facilities, is applied to many facilities.

It includes restaurants and cafes, as well as academies, PC rooms, libraries and reading rooms, study cafes, movie theaters, performance halls, and museums.

To use these places, you need a certificate that two weeks have passed since the completion of vaccination or a PCR negative confirmation.

On the other hand, a quarantine pass is not required for large marts, department stores, markets, wedding halls and funeral halls, amusement parks, outdoor sports facilities, lodging, and religious facilities.

Even if you are not vaccinated, the quarantine pass is not applied as an exception when you use a restaurant or cafe alone.

Third, the application of the quarantine pass for teenagers.

From February of next year, the quarantine pass is applied to 12-18 years old, that is, from 6th grade to 3rd grade of high school.

[Sohn Young-rae/Chief of Social Strategy Team, Central Accident Remediation Headquarters: This measure and measures such as booster vaccination will create a complex synergy, so the effect will be visible after 1 to 2 weeks (expected)]

This quarantine measure has limited business hours. has fallen off.

The government said that the strengthening of quarantine measures is part of an emergency plan and that the reins of quarantine can be tightened or loosened depending on the epidemic situation.

(Video coverage: Jeong Seong-hwa, video editing: Kim Jong-mi)