The Chinese brand has been increasing its collaborations for a few years now with special editions of its previous flagships and watches in the colors of

Star Wars


Harry Potte

r or

Cyberpunk 2077


The absence of a new standard-bearer at the end of the year, however, suggested that 2021 would be an exception.

Never mind, OnePlus has chosen to deliver a special edition of its "mid-range", the Nord 2, in the colors of one of the most famous games of the 1980s, Pac-Man.

The choice is rather surprising. The character of Namco-Bandai is no longer as popular as it once was. Faced with mastodons like

Call of Duty



, the license of the Japanese publisher does not weigh much, except for a very small fan-club. A new compilation is also expected on consoles in 2022. Clearly, this special edition of the Nord 2 is a niche product…

That being said, OnePlus' smartphone may well appeal to a larger audience than fans of the franchise.

Because the Chinese brand has put the small dishes in the big ones to celebrate the hero's birthday as it should.

If, at first glance, the smartphone has a very minimalist design, with a few white dots carefully aligned on the back of the smartphone and a reproduction, also very discreet of the character, the device adopts a much more flashy style. eye at night.

The manufacturer has indeed imagined a phosphorescent smartphone.

In the dark, corridors appear on the smartphone shell, drawing a superb labyrinth on the entire back of the smartphone.

A more than cosmetic edition

For its previous special editions of smartphones, the manufacturer had made do with a few small adjustments: a shell in the colors of the license concerned, potentially a few wallpapers. With this new collaboration, the Chinese company goes much further. On the software side, in addition to a few wallpapers, there are fully customized icons to stick to the Pac-Man spirit, pre-installed games, and - surprise - gamification. To unlock all the exclusive content, the owner of this smartphone will have to complete a few challenges. Among these, playing 256 minutes of the Pac-Man 256 game, pre-installed on the smartphone.

There are also some nice goodies in the box: in addition to an exclusive shell, we discover a set of colored bricks to make a rest for your smartphone. Said set also includes some small figurines to stick to the spirit. OnePlus plays 100% the fan service card with a neat design product, an interface filled with easter-eggs and goodies that will make collectors fantasize.

As for the smartphone itself, the verdict is obviously very positive. The Nord 2 is, despite its MediaTek processor, an excellent smartphone, powerful, offering a solid autonomy but also and above all very pleasant to use on a daily basis with its minimalist Android overlay (OxygenOS). Some features stand out, such as fast charging (65W), its 90Hz screen, standard 5G or the Dimensity 1200-AI processor, surprisingly more efficient than its rival from Qualcomm. On the other hand, there is a price increase, from 399 to 529 € all the same, that the manufacturer justifies by certain choices in terms of performance. This special edition comes standard with 12 GB of RAM, against 6 for the Nord 2, and 256 GB of storage, against 128 for the Nord 2. It was not necessarily necessary,and that will probably scare away some potential buyers. As we can imagine, however, the brand is not aiming for large sales volumes with this model ...

But then, should we crack?

Definitely, if you're a Pac-Man fan or die-hard collector.

OnePlus delivers with this special edition of its Nord 2 a wonderful declaration of love for the little yellow ball.

Very discreet during the day, the Pac-phone puts on its most beautiful night costume, with its phosphorescent labyrinth that appears as if by magic on the smartphone shell in the dark.

OnePlus knows how to play with the nostalgic fiber of the fans.

Casual gamers could also be seduced by the proposal and the quirky design of this smartphone.

At 529 euros, the bill remains a bit steep for a mid-range smartphone, usually sold for 399 euros.


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