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the global digital transformation, the government has decided to expand online lectures and internship opportunities to help our young people adapt.

Let’s find out more details together with Minister of Science and Technology Lim Hye-sook.

Q. ‘Digital and Youth’ theme event… What was it?

[Lim Hye-suk/Minister of Science and Communication Technology: We had a time of casual communication with the young leaders under the theme of 'Digital Korea, drawing the future together with the youth'. First, we looked at how far digital technologies, including AI technology and metaverse technology, have come. In particular, in the case of metaverse technology, elementary school students in Nokdo had the opportunity to directly see Seokguram Grotto and Cheomseongdae in Gyeongju through the metaverse, and also had the opportunity to communicate directly with the president. The President communicated with young digital leaders and said that he is a leading role in the digital Republic of Korea leading digital innovation.] 

Q. Digital Youth Support Plan… What is the background?

[Lim Hye-suk/Minister of Science and Communication Technology: Young people in Korea are digital natives who are familiar with digital technology from an early age. I came up with this policy with the belief that this trend of digital transformation could be an opportunity for our young people. In the meantime, we have met with 119 young people on 15 occasions, communicated with them, and devised policies together. It contains policy measures so that young people can take on more challenges, grow bigger and leap into the wider world.]

Q. Support for non-digital majors… How is it going?

[Lim Hye-sook / Minister of Science and Communication Technology: That's right. There are significant barriers to entry for non-major students to work in the digital field. To help these students and job seekers, mentoring opportunities are provided first. You will have an opportunity to learn how to prepare from senior entrepreneurs who have succeeded in the digital field or those who have succeeded in finding a job. We then offer the opportunity to take a digital transformation training course for 4,000 young people working in fields other than digital. We also want to provide military personnel with the opportunity to learn AI and software. We plan to educate 50,000 soldiers by 2026.] 

Q. Young people entering overseas… How to apply?

[Lim Hye-sook/Minister of Science and Communication Technology: It is important to gain experience abroad in order to advance overseas. That's why we want to expand our internships in companies like Silicon Valley and educational opportunities at renowned universities like Carnegie Mellon. We also want to increase the opportunity to participate in conferences and exhibitions abroad, and then increase the opportunity for our young people to participate in international programs and participate in some international discussion agenda. In addition, we want to find opportunities for overseas startups to settle in Korea, or for Korean startup companies to go abroad and settle down.] 

Q. Digital youth support plan…

What effect do you expect?

[Lim Hye-sook / Minister of Science and Communication Technology: We have prepared a customized support plan for each consumer.

For example, young people working as small business owners will receive customized digital transformation education from online publicity to the use of artificial intelligence.

And as a useful benefit right now, you can get a discount on the home shopping sales fee and then get a discount on the parcel fee through the post office.

Next, I plan to create a foundation called 'Digital Youth Accompanying Long Legs Uncle' for digital start-ups.

We want to give such an opportunity to seniors who have succeeded in digital companies to invest in junior companies, open up new markets, and provide mentoring through this foundation.

And we plan to build a digital youth residence.

Starting with the youth rental housing that will be built in Magok in 2024, we plan to have such facilities where you can freely use high-speed communication networks and public Wi-Fi while starting a business and living at the same time.]