Clearly identify when buying an Amazon product.

This is what the Amazon Brand Detector browser extension offers, which detects items sold by third-party brands that are actually owned by Amazon, reports

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The e-commerce giant indeed offers products under its own name, such as items stamped with Amazon Basics or Amazon Essentials.

But the platform also hosts many brands that seem independent but actually belong to Amazon, without customers necessarily being aware of it.

150 registered Amazon brands

Designed for Google Chrome and Firefox, the free extension developed by The Markup works in the background.

When searching on Amazon, it analyzes the results that appear and all products owned by Amazon are highlighted in orange.

Some previously unknown brands can thus show their "true face".

Amazon Brand Detector has identified the Blacksyncze brand, which offers a Lightning cable, as a brand of the American giant.

The Berydale t-shirt brand, which ranks first in sales, is also owned by Amazon.

The company actually owns 150 trademarks, which it has registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

In certain categories, Amazon is showing more clarity by indicating that certain products are sold by brands belonging to it.

A “our brands” filter then appears during a search on the e-commerce platform.

In the furniture category, for example, the affiliation is clearly indicated.


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