The family of the victim of a motorcycle hit and run accident caught the culprit through a second-hand transaction application and is a topic of discussion.


The third search term clicked is 'Sister who caught the culprit with the app'.

Person A, who lives in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, suffered four weeks of injuries including fractures in a motorcycle hit and run accident last month.

The family reported it to the police, but it took a long time to catch the culprit, so Mr. A's sister decided to go find the driver herself.

A's older sister used the helmet and motorcycle that the assailant left at the scene as clues.

Assuming that the driver purchased the helmet as a second-hand transaction, he accessed the app and searched for a helmet, but found a record of a sale of a helmet that looked exactly like the driver's helmet.

I was able to get the driver's ID by contacting the seller.

Afterwards, when he sent a message pretending to be a trader, the driver first asked, 'Are you in a hit and run accident?'

It is said that the driver spoke with the intent of "I was afraid at the time of the accident and ran away."

A's sister submitted the driver's statement directly to the police.

Netizens responded, "Your older sister is almost Conan. This kind of person should be a police officer.", "You're a very reliable older sister!