To break this momentum of Corona, the government will introduce new quarantine measures tomorrow (3rd). As a result of our coverage, rather than limiting the store's business hours until what time at night as in the past, it seems that measures to reduce the number of gatherings of people who have not been vaccinated will be included in the countermeasures.

For more details, reporter Jeon Yeon-nam will tell you.

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government held meetings all day ahead of the announcement of measures to strengthen quarantine tomorrow.

The Daily Restoration Support Committee, a public-private joint organization, held a subcommittee on quarantine, and Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom held a private quarantine strategy meeting at the government level.

At the meeting, it is known that there were discussions about reducing the number of private gatherings in the metropolitan area from 10 to 6 or 4 people, and even limiting the business hours of multi-use facilities in the metropolitan area to 10 pm or 12 pm.

An official from the quarantine authorities also said, "We are reviewing with all measures open to the level of the 4th level of the previous distance."

However, as the meeting continued, it was reported that the issue of damage and loss compensation for small business owners and the self-employed was raised.

A high-ranking government official said, "Amid various opinions, we are mainly considering adjusting the number of unvaccinated people rather than taking strong measures such as limiting business hours."

The final bill to be announced tomorrow seems to include a plan to reduce the number of people who have not been vaccinated from the current four to two.

We are still discussing plans to partially expand the quarantine pass-applied facilities.

The new quarantine measures are expected to be implemented for at least three weeks until the 26th of next month.

At the same time, we decided to actively promote additional vaccinations.

Pre-registration for the 3rd vaccination starts today for 18-49 year olds.

In addition, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has started a preliminary review of clinical data for the approval of the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5-11.

(Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)