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José Sacristán

has lashed out against the


calling them "fools" and has joined those who ask that if they get sick, they pay for the treatment themselves.

Visibly pissed off, the interpreter has said that denialism does not fit in his head during an interview on La Roca, Nuria Roca's program on La Sexta.

"These stupid people,

these fools who murder, who kill, who do not want to be vaccinated,

that people are dying,

do not fit into my head,

" he pointed out.

When asked about the costs of hospital admissions, Sacristán has been in favor of charging the anti-vaccines for medical services: "You don't want to be vaccinated, you don't want to prevent, you don't have the right to put a coffin in a coffin. similar, and, therefore, even if it is only that,

you pay the possibility of being cured, for an imbecile ".

In addition, the actor has made a plea for social responsibility and has asked that vaccines reach all parts of the world, and not only to western countries.

"As long as there is no minimum justice, we will continue to be threatened.

The bug reproduces where there is no money to attack it

. It is something that may make us reflect, but I have serious doubts.

I belong to a species with some specimens that I find difficult to recognize myself on them

. But this is to highlight that there is so brutal, so extreme injustice that just turning against our own interests ,

"concluded ha.

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