In an international action in 27 countries against money mules, a total of 1,803 people were arrested, including several hundred Dutch people, the police reported on Thursday.

Money mules make their bank account available for fraud and that is punishable by law.

In the Rotterdam region alone, there are two hundred money mules, but successes were also achieved in other regions, according to the police.

It was the seventh time that the action, the European Money Mule Action (EMMA), was held in conjunction with Interpol.

From September to November, the money mules were identified during actions and criminal investigations.

Several investigations are still ongoing.

Caroline Sander, team leader at the National Unit, sees more and more people making their bank account available.

"The money mules are being recruited by cyber criminals. With all the consequences that entails."

In the Netherlands there is a partnership between the police, the Public Prosecution Service, banks and International Card Services (ICS) that combats this form of cybercrime.

At MBO and HBO schools, warnings are given about the possible consequences and personal letters and information packages are also provided.

Criminals try to stay out of sight of the police and the judiciary by means of money mules, according to the police.