▲ A photo of a motorcycle accident scene

The story of the older sister who caught the culprit directly at the carrot market after her younger brother was hit and run by a motorcycle is a hot topic.

A, who lives in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, was hit by a motorcycle while crossing a crosswalk on the 16th of last month.

When Mr. A lost consciousness in a sudden accident and collapsed, people around him gathered, and the motorcyclist who caused the accident disappeared after calling for a while and did not appear again.

In this accident, Mr. A was hospitalized with injuries equivalent to 4 weeks of anterior teeth, such as a fractured finger.

However, the police investigation did not proceed as quickly as Mr. A's family thought, and the victim's sister B, feeling frustrated, went out to find the culprit herself. The idea was to catch the hit and run criminals as soon as possible, even for a single day.

The clues were the helmet and motorcycle the assailant had left at the scene.

B, who speculated that the criminal purchased the helmet from a second-hand trading site, accessed the carrot market and started a search, and confirmed the transaction of a helmet that looked the same.

After confirming that the shape and size of the sold helmet match the helmet at the scene of the accident, Mr. B contacted the seller to find out the buyer's carrot market ID at the time.

Afterwards, Mr. B said to the carrot market, 'I am trying to find a hit and run criminal. Anyone who has seen this motorcycle at the carrot market, please contact me." along with a photo of the motorcycle at the scene of the accident.

Shortly thereafter, a carrot market user sent a message to Mr. B, saying, "I think I have contacted the owner of the motorcycle."

Attached to the message was a photo of a sale post for that motorcycle.

The ID of the person who put the motorcycle up for sale matched the ID of the helmet buyer.

Convinced that the owner of this ID was a motorcycle hit and run, Mr. B sent a message to the ID owner pretending to be a trader.

As soon as the ID owner received the message, he first asked, "Are you a hit and run accident?" and confessed the crime.

According to Mr. B, the perpetrator was a minor and said that he ran away because he was afraid at the time of the accident.

Mr. B submitted such data to the police and said, "I caught the hit and run offender myself, but I am happy and upset because an agreement has not been reached with the perpetrator."

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(Photo = provided by informant B, Yonhap News)