Apple has told suppliers it needs fewer parts for the iPhone 13,


news agency reported


This is because there would be less demand for the telephone.


reports based on anonymous sources that Apple is struggling with disappointing demand for the iPhone 13, released in September. The company has already reduced production of the device by ten million units this year due to the lack of parts.

The remaining 90 million phones may not all need to be made this year because of the disappointing demand.

Earlier, Apple was forced to reduce production of the iPad in order to have more parts for the production of the iPhone 13. That was because the company was hit hard earlier this year by a worldwide chip shortage.

Many tech companies suffer from this shortage.

For example, a year after the release of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, there are still very few copies in stock.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED is also less available as a result.

Analysts expect that Apple will still break sales records in the last three months of 2021, but that sales will not be as high as previously thought.