The second substantive examination of the warrant of former Supreme Prosecutor's Office Investigation and Information Policy Officer Son Jun-seong, a key suspect in the so-called accusation, is being held. The first arrest warrant requested by the Ministry of Public Security was rejected by the court, and the result of the second warrant request is expected to have a significant impact on the success or failure of the remaining investigation.

Correspondent Won Jong-jin.


During the last general election, Prosecutor Son Jun-seong, who is accused of delivering a complaint against a politician, etc., to Rep.

[Son Jun-seong/Prosecutor: (Please tell the judge about the re-claiming of the warrant) I will explain in detail to the judge.] On the

30th of last month, the Ministry of Airborne Affairs requested a second arrest warrant for Sohn, and two prosecutors under Sohn's subordinates filed a complaint. It is said that it is said that Prosecutor Sohn filmed it and delivered it to Rep. Kim Woong, the People's Strength.

The first arrest warrant, in which the author of the complaint was written without the name, was rejected by the court, but in the second request, the author was specified as a prosecutor under the prosecutor's office.

The prosecutor's office completely denies the allegations.

In particular, it is known that the Ministry of Airborne Affairs is in the position of unreasonably reclaiming the arrest warrant even though it has not been able to accurately identify the author of the complaint, saying that there are two prosecutors under it.

There are many prospects that the success or failure of the investigation of the remaining allegations surrounding the so-called accuser will depend on the outcome of the second attempt by the Airborne Service to arrest Sohn.

Whether or not an arrest warrant will be issued is expected to be released late tonight at the earliest.