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A college student who was undergoing facial contouring surgery at a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam, Seoul, died, and the police launched an investigation.

According to the police today (2nd), the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Violent Crime Investigation Team is investigating two doctors from plastic surgery A on charges of negligent manslaughter, etc.

They are accused of failing to respond appropriately to a 20-year-old college student B, who underwent facial contouring surgery in March, despite suffering from facial muscle stiffness and high fever.

After undergoing facial contouring surgery under sedation anesthesia, while waiting for nose surgery, facial muscle stiffness appeared and it is known that Mr. B suffered a high temperature of over 41 degrees.

B, who lost consciousness, was transported to the emergency room of a nearby university hospital, but eventually died the next day.

The bereaved family claims that B died due to the negligence of the medical staff, but the hospital is said to be in the position of doing the best that the medical staff can do.

The police are checking the operating room CCTV images and medical records comprehensively to determine if there is a specific negligence.

A police official said, "We plan to request an additional evaluation from the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency as the judgments of experts in plastic surgery and anesthesia are mixed."

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(Photo = Yonhap News)