"If you are a human being who is so cruel to cats, you don't know what you'd do to humans."

Police have reported that 20 feral cats have been brutally abused and found dead in Busan.

Some of the cats found were dead with their back skin peeling off in a square shape, or they had died with a fractured head.

The Busan Sasang Police Station announced today (2nd) that it is conducting an investigation after receiving a report from the Busan Street Cat Protection Regiment regarding the serial killing of stray cats.

On the official SNS of the Busan Street Cat Conservation Coalition, yesterday (1st), an article was posted saying, "From the beginning of August to the middle of last month, there were reports that 20 feral cats had been killed."

The group also released a photo of the abused cat, saying, "(In the photo sent by the informant) it was a terrible photo of the stray cat's back with the skin peeled off."

He continued, "When I asked the informant why there were until now, when the number of 20 animals reached that level, he said that he was afraid of retaliation. (The informant) got a call while crying."

In particular, the place where the crime took place is the same place where a part of a stray cat's carcass was found with a fire in January, so there is a possibility that abuse was habitual.

A group official said that there is a person suspected of committing the serial killing of a stray cat.

He continued, "The informant said that stray cats often enter the boiler room (the person's house), and they die when they enter, and (the cat's corpse) is displayed around the house as if it were beautiful."

Finally, an official from the group asked for a lot of interest, saying, "Please make sure that a proper investigation can be made rather than a sloppy investigation."

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(Photo=provided by the Busan Wild Cat Conservation Association)