Series such as

La casa de papel


Cobra Kai


Boba Fett's book


El pueblo


Dan Brown: The lost symbol

are the big bets for December from platforms such as

Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video, HBO MAX Spain, Netflix or Disney +


THE PEOPLE (Amazon Prime Video, December 2)

After the success of

La que se avecina

(and, before that,

there is no one alive here

), its creators took on the challenge of setting a comedy in a small town almost abandoned in Soria.

The result is

one of the best Spanish comedies of recent years,

in which the miseries of its characters make up very crazy plots that portray our society without half measures.

Subscription to Amazon Prime Video is available here.

LA CASA DE PAPEL (Netflix, December 3)

After making history and sweeping the world by

storm, the end is near for

La casa de papel


If the thieves manage to get hold of the loot, if the professor will come out alive or if the police in the end will not be as clumsy as they have always been shown are some of the unknowns that this second batch of episodes of a

final season that has been loaded will clear up of explosions, fights and betrayals.

AND JUST LIKE THAT (HBO MAX Spain, December 9)

Although the iconic Samantha is not there,

the new series that comes to replace

Sex and the City


How not if Carrie (

Sarah Jessica Parker

), Miranda (

Cynthia Nixon

) and Charlotte (

Kristin Davis


reappear in it

, with New York as a backdrop and men wanting to get closer to these girls who are stylish, independent and very infatuated.

Subscribe here to HBO MAX Spain.

DAN BROWN: THE LOST SYMBOL (Movistar +, December 19)

If on the big screen Tom Hanks triumphed as Robert Langdon, in this series he wears the face (and body) of Ashley Zukerman.

His is the responsibility of hooking us on

a 'made in Dan Brown' story

with twists and turns, conspiracies and lousy baddies.

A production whose plot

is set before the events that took place in the ultra-famous film (formerly the book)

The Da Vinci Code


EMILY IN PARIS (Netflix, December 22)

Lily Collins attacks again

, to the joy of her fans ... and the despair of those who have found in this series a target for their criticism.

In this second season, the combo

fashion-loves-cute places in Paris

is more than greased, offering new plots in which this young woman desperately seeks love.

BOBA FETT'S BOOK (Disney +, December 29)

Followers of

The Mandalarian

found out at the end of season two that

Boba Fett was taking over the throne from Jabba the Hutt.

A major surprise that was nothing more than the presentation of this

new series based on the

Star Wars



Action, villains who promise to give a lot of war and many nods to the galactic saga suggest that this series can be successful.

To subscribe to Disney + you can access here.

COBRA KAI (Netflix, December 31)

The continuing series in the

Karate Kid


has a life of its own.

With karate as an excuse, this comedy with dramatic touches

is one of the productions that have evolved the best, making each of its characters interesting.

And they show us that

when one falls, you have to get up

and ... and better if it is with the help of others.

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