A former professional baseball player, the driver, was killed when a sports utility vehicle (SUV) collided with a road facility in Incheon and fell sideways.

According to the Incheon Nonhyeon Police Station today (1st), at around 11:40 pm yesterday, on a road in Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, a mojave vehicle driven by a former professional baseball player A (30) collided with a signpost.

In this accident, the Mojave vehicle collapsed sideways, and Mr. A died while being transported to a nearby hospital by the 119 rescue team.

It was investigated that Mr. A's vehicle collided with a pole with a 'height limit' sign on the entrance to the 3rd Gyeongin Expressway from the city road.

He joined the professional baseball Samsung Lions as a new player in 2010 and played for kt wiz until 2017.

The police are further investigating the exact cause of the accident by securing the video of Mr. A's vehicle black box.

A police official said, "Only Mr. A was in the accident vehicle and there was no passenger.

(Photo = provided by Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)