It was revealed that teenage girls tied their hands and feet in the house and assaulted a Mongolian girl the same age for 6 hours. The victim claimed that even though the police arrived at the scene, they were unable to stop the assault. 

Correspondent Hong Seung-yeon.


A merciless punch is poured out at a female student with a swear word that demeans nationality on her forehead.

[XXX. The insect-like X.] He

put underwear on his head and tied his hands and feet so that he could not escape.

It happened last July at a family in Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Four senior middle school girls assaulted Mongolian middle school girl A for 6 hours.

[Victim A: I thought it would be better to just die at this moment.] The

reason was that Miss A's aunt severely disciplined them for being rude.

The assault video taken by the perpetrators spread to the school two weeks ago.

Miss A is unable to attend school due to her extreme shame and trauma.

[Victim A: I did not know. How did the video spread like that? But the second-year oppas came and the video was circulated, and I saw your video... .]

There was a chance to stop the assault.

Just before the assault, Miss A's mother came to the house in question with the police saying that she might have a daughter who ran away from home.

However, the perpetrators hid Ms. A on the veranda and opened the door, and the police returned after checking only the room.

Miss A, who was locked in the veranda, was afraid of retaliation and could not even shout, and after the police went, merciless assault continued.

The police explained that they could not find anywhere because they did not have the right to search for a runaway report.

[Police official: I do not have the authority to search the house at will without a search and seizure warrant.

(Crime) There must be clear evidence or something like this...


Last month, two of the assailants were handed over to the prosecution on charges of gang violence, but the other two were juveniles under the age of 14, so they escaped criminal punishment.