Corona-related indicators are also getting worse day by day. As of 11 pm yesterday (30th), the number of new corona patients has already reached the record high. If the number of confirmed cases is added after that, the number of new corona cases today is expected to exceed the record high. The number of patients with severe cases was the highest since the onset as of yesterday. 

By Song In-ho.

<Reporter> As of 

9 pm last night, there were 3,857 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, which is 1,216 more than the same time the day before.

As of 00:00 today, there is a possibility that the number of new confirmed cases will exceed 4,000, breaking the all-time high.

The number of severe cases increased by 32 a day, recording 661, the highest number since the Corona 19 epidemic.

44 additional deaths were reported.

For the first time, a child under the age of 10 was included, and on the 28th of last month, his symptoms worsened and he was taken to the emergency room, but he died and was confirmed to have an underlying disease.

There is a clear upward trend in both weekly deaths and critically ill patients.

The utilization rate of intensive care beds nationwide has risen to 78.5%, and the metropolitan area is virtually saturated with beds exceeding 90% for the first time in Seoul.

This is why the quarantine authorities said they would make home treatment a principle.

[Gwondeokcheol / Secretary of Health and Human Services. (Corona worsening trend) because too large a burden on the health care system and we will tell hagetdaneun activated by the home treatment of fundamental principles -

Forward The diagnosis requires hospitalization or residential environment, including vulnerable to infection If there is no reason, you will stay at home and receive treatment.

Those who live together are also quarantined and cannot go to work or school.

However, you can only go out for hospital treatment, receiving medicine, or discharging waste.

Even if you are treated at home, you can go out to go to the hospital or pharmacy, but you will need to wear four types of protective equipment, including a face shield and a disposable waterproof gown.