In crypto trading, each trader needs to choose the best platform that can help them trade successfully. As a result, there is a vast range of things to consider whenever selecting a crypto trading platform that ticks several cardinal trading boxes.

Is it a trustable crypto trading platform? Does the platform feature all the elements needed to accommodate your digital currency trading needs? Is the exchange supporting the trading pairs you plan to trade? Other features to take note of include the taker fees, maker fees, trading volume withdrawal limits, and more.

Margex is one of the highly-rated crypto trading platforms that ticks several cardinal trading boxes.  Initiated in 2020, Margex is a moderately up-to-the-minute exchange that's taking the cryptocurrency field by storm and growing in popularity from one day to another. Besides having leverage going up to x100, this crypto exchange platform allows you to trade the largest cryptos, such as Yearn Finance, Litecoin, Electro-Optical System, Ripple, Ether, and Bitcoin.

Margex Ticks Several Crucial Aspects Of A Top-Rated Trading Platform

Despite being a newly developed crypto exchange, Margex prioritizes its clients' safety and security. This trading platform offers top-notch security features to protect clients' trading activities, funds, and information. For example, this company keeps an enormous amount of its clients' funds in offline cold wallet storage. This unique feature plays a pivotal role in protecting the clients' funds from hack and theft cases, giving the clients an additional security layer.

Margex is a reliable and fast trading platform, secured from all kinds of online attacks, such as DDOS attacks. Incorporating modern state-of-the-art blockchain technology is one step that has allowed the company to make this achievable.

Moreover, it has incorporated several unmatched security features in its crypto trading accounts. Examples of these security features include data encryption, SSL security protocol, email notifications on each withdrawal, 2FA authentication, and 24-hour, seven days per week customer support.

The company puts the client's interests at the forefront by offering order execution error, platform lagging, price squeeze, and low liquidity services. Generally, thousands of crypto traders prefer Margex because they want security, transparency, and full authority over their crypto trades.

Margex's Special Features That Make It Stand Out

User-friendliness was the primary aim while the Margex site and crypto trading platform were being created. It works well even for beginners because it has several helpful price analyses, articles, trading lessons, and videos that can assist you in your next pace towards trading. As a result, Margex falls under the best platforms for beginners who want to start crypto trading.

Also, Margex implements the first of its kind liquidity pooling system in the cryptocurrency field. This system incorporates twelve plus liquidity contributors into one deep-order publication. This feature ensures you find the best entry and exit fees with the narrowest spreads offered on the crypto market.

Moreover, Margex gives you access to the most competitive and much smaller trading fees than the ones offered by some of the highly known exchanges. For example, it charges a 0.060 percent Taker Fee and a 0.019 percent Maker Fee for Bitcoin Trading.

The generous 40 percent affiliate program is another unique feature offered by Margex. With the 40 percent cut of each trade charge released by your referrals, you'll find it easy to create a referral group and generate money from it.

Besides this, Margex is generally an excellent alternative to some highly-known exchanges. When it comes to crypto trading capacity, this company can sustain a hundred thousand transactions every second. And while some of the highly-known crypto exchanges constantly experience system overload, this company is still yet to have any platform lagging or system overload to this minute.

Generally, Margex stands out from several exchanges because it's dedicated to providing its clients with an excellent platform for cryptocurrency trading. Also, with the company's current growth rate, you can expect it to appear under the most prominent terms in the crypto field soon.