A mother in her 30s who abandoned her 4-year-old daughter on a rare road in the middle of the night when the temperature dropped below freezing appeared in court today (30th) to receive an interrogation of a suspect before arrest.

A woman in her 30s, who was requested for an arrest warrant for child abandonment under the Child Welfare Act, entered the Incheon District Court where the detention review was held at 1:45 pm today, wearing a hat and a mask.

B, a man in his 20s, who collided with Mr. A, whom he knew through an internet game, also entered the courtroom to receive a detention review.

Mr. A replied, "I'm sorry, (to my daughter) I'm sorry" to the reporter's question, "Why did you let only your daughter get out of the car, and are you not sorry for her?"

Then, when asked if she had a good relationship with her husband, she replied, "Yes, if I only drank alcohol, I acted like a fool."

Mr. B said, "Why did you leave behind a 4-year-old girl. Why did you help Mr. A without stopping him?" He only said, "I'm sorry."

Whether they will be arrested or not will be decided later in the afternoon.

Mr. A and others are suspected of having abandoned sheep C (4), who was riding in a vehicle, on a back road in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do around 10 pm on the 26th.

The lowest temperature on that day in the area where Ms. C was abandoned was minus 1 degree Celsius.

(Photo = Yonhap News)