SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has emailed employees that Raptor engine production is lagging so far that the company is "at a real risk of bankruptcy."

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, which got hold of the leaked e-mail.

The Raptor engines are a key component for Spacex's Starship rocket, which will eventually take humans to the moon.

Prototypes of that rocket have already been tested a number of times, but according to the planning, a Starship will not be launched into orbit for the first time until January or February.

In his email, Musk writes that SpaceX will have to launch a Starship every two weeks next year to keep the company afloat.

The production of Raptor engines can't handle that at the moment.

Starship is also essential to launch a new version of Starlink satellites, which provide Internet on Earth.

The current satellites form a "financially weak" network, according to Musk.

The production of the engines was already known to have problems, but now Musk says they are "much more serious than previously known".

The director said he would work all weekend and asked employees to do the same.

"We need all hands to recover from this situation, which is frankly a disaster," Musk wrote.

It's not clear whether SpaceX is actually in dire financial straits.

The company has not yet officially responded to the leaked email.