Whether or not to arrest former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do, who received 5 billion won as severance pay after his son worked for a development company in Daejang-dong, will be decided today (1st). He is accused of favoring a private business operator in Daejang-dong and receiving money through his son, but former lawmaker Kwak denies the allegation.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae on the sidewalk.


The arrest warrant review of former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do, who is charged with mediation under the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes, will be held at 10:30 am today at the Seoul Central District Court.

Prosecutors believe that former lawmaker Kwak helped when the Hwacheon Daeyu Consortium was in danger of being destroyed in the process of selecting a development company for Daejang-dong in 2015.

At that time, former lawmaker Kwak asked his university alumnus Kim Jeong-tae, chairman of Hana Financial Group, to prevent the consortium from breaking down. that it was given

Prosecutors are said to have determined that the actual amount received by Kwak's son, excluding taxes, was 2.5 billion won.

Former lawmaker Kwak is known to have been included in the so-called '5 billion promise club', in which Mr. Kim promised or delivered money. Two days after the investigation was completed, an arrest warrant was requested.

Former lawmaker Kwak, who resigned as a member of the National Assembly after the allegations surfaced, denies the allegations, saying, "I was not involved in any work related to the Daejang-dong development project or Hwacheon Daeyu."

The results of the warrant review for former Rep. Kwak are expected to come out late tonight at the earliest.