A netizen who bought special padding at an online shopping mall raised a problem saying that a lighter and disposable razor were found in the product pocket. 

On the 27th, on an online community, an article titled 'A 30,000 won padding plus a gift?' was posted.

The author of this article recently purchased brand A's long padding at a discounted price at an online shopping mall.

The author, who was satisfied with the purchase of the product at a low price, had no choice but to be puzzled by the condition of the long padding on delivery.

Because I had a lodging lighter and a disposable razor in my pocket.

The company name and phone number of a motel in Gangneung, Gangwon-do were also written on the outside of the found lighter.

The author said, "I tried it on as soon as I received the long padding posted on the hot deal, but I had a razor and a lighter in my pocket.

In response, netizens pointed out that the product quality control at the manufacturer and online shopping mall seems to be poor, saying that it is estimated that the refund product was resold.

The long padding in question was sold at 26,910 won, an 86% discount from the regular price (199,000 won) at online shopping mall B.

Brand A, who manufactured the product, explained that the product is being sold on consignment through the online shopping mall B, but it appears to have been resold without properly checking the condition of the previously returned product.

Also, an official of Brand A said, "The product is a 2019 product, and products that have been 2 years old (released) are being sold on consignment through a purchasing company. It was sold at B online shopping mall, one of the sales channels operated by .

"We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to consumers by not being able to carefully check the condition of the product and resell it," he said. “, he said.

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(Photo= Captured from an online community)