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A man in his 40s has been arrested by the police on charges of threatening to kill a group of teenagers with a weapon, saying that he is making noise at the playground in the apartment complex.

The Jungnang Police Station in Seoul announced today (30th) that it will apply for an arrest warrant for a 44-year-old man named Jeong Mo, who is accused of special assault.

Jung complained that the party, including 15-year-old victim A, was making noise at the playground of an apartment complex in Sinnae-dong, Jungnang-gu around 9 pm last night.

He took a knife, such as a household saw, from the house, put it on the neck of group A, threatened, "Why are you making a lot of noise in the apartment complex?" and "I will kill you."

Resident B, who witnessed the situation at the time, met with SBS and said, "The students I was with ran away screaming 'save me'." "The noisy and bloody situation continued for several minutes."

After receiving the report, the police arrived and arrested the man who had entered the house after an interrogation and confiscated the weapon.

It is said that the man who is being detained and being investigated has admitted to the allegations.

A police official said, "I am planning to apply for an arrest warrant within today."