A man who threatened with a fake photo and demanded money was caught saying that the food he ordered came out and his teeth were broken. It turned out that there were close to 100 self-employed people who extorted money from this man in the same way.

Reporter Park Eon of CJB reports.

<Reporter> This

is a photo that the owner of a restaurant in Chungbuk Innovation City got from a man who called him a customer in August.

There is a white object that looks like a tooth in the middle of the palm.

The man demanded a treatment fee of 90,000 won, claiming that a foreign object came out and his tooth was broken while eating the food packaged in the store.

He even threatened to post it online if he didn't pay right away.

The owner was suspicious and reported this to the SNS chat room of nearby merchants.

Turns out, there weren't just a couple of merchants who could have suffered damage.

[Lee Won-beom / Secretary General of the Chungbuk Innovation City Shopping Center Prosperity Association: One person uploaded a picture of a broken tooth. But within an hour, another owner posted the same photo.] The

police immediately started investigating the report, and arrested the suspect in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do on the 26th, three months later.

The number of victims of this man alone reached 100 across the country, and the amount of damage was estimated to be between 50,000 won and 200,000 won.

When counting the attempted crimes, the number of attempted crimes exceeds hundreds.

During the police investigation, the man stated that he had attempted to commit the crime by calling a restaurant he had not actually been to to earn money.

Police arrested the man on blackmail charges.

(Video coverage: Kim Junsu CJB)