Streaming has drastically changed the way people watch TV.

There is less and less linear viewing; instead, the seemingly endless range of feature films, documentaries and series is rummaged through until something suitable is found.

For example the new, six-part series “Spy City”.

It takes place in Berlin in the spring of 1961 in the agent milieu and field of tension between the four protecting powers.

The outfitters have made a great effort to resurrect Berlin from 60 years ago; interspersed original recordings help with this.

In comparison, however, it becomes clear: the streets in the series are far too empty.

But not only that. With a lot of love, oldtimers are staged again and again, which were certainly not easy to get.

However, Jaguar E-Types, first presented in March 1961, will hardly have driven over the Ku'damm in the summer.

And the beautiful Volvo P 1800 Coupé didn't come out until 1961, and it also has the wrong bumpers, which came later.

The Opel Rekord A, which can be seen briefly in one scene, is a completely wrong choice.

It made its debut in 1963. But this makes the series doubly exciting for classic car fans.

He can follow the agent's actions and search for the wrong cars himself.