Kim Byung-chan, who stalked and killed a woman in her 30s, stood in front of the photo line.

The police handed over Kim Byung-chan, who was in the Namdaemun Police Station detention center, to the prosecution at 8 am today (29th).

Kim Byung-chan appeared with a mask on.

When asked about the motive for the crime, such as stalking, Kim Byung-chan repeated only apologize.

The police applied eight charges against Kim Byung-chan.

The applicable charges are retaliatory murder, threat of retaliation, violation of the Act on Punishment of Stalking Crimes, injury, invasion of residence, special intimidation, intimidation, and special confinement under the Special Act.

Kim Byung-chan's identity was previously decided.

Kim Byung-chan is accused of killing a woman in her 30s with a knife at an officetel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 19th.

It has been confirmed that Kim Byung-chan has been stalking Mr. A.

Reports have been received to the police for the same reason five times since last June.

Person A was given a smart watch after Kim Byung-chan's stalking continued and received personal protection.

On the day of the murder on the 19th, Kim Byung-chan came to visit and sent a rescue request to the police with the smart watch he was given.

Person A was stabbed by a knife wielded by Kim Byung-chan before the police arrived and eventually died.

The police arrested Kim Byung-chan, who ran away, at a lodging facility in Daegu on the 20th, the next day.

On the 22nd, the court issued a preliminary arrest warrant for Kim Byung-chan, saying, "There is a fear that the criminal charges will be cleared and there is a risk of running away."  

(Photo = Yonhap News)