Kim Byung-chan (35), who is accused of murdering a woman who requested personal protection through continuous stalking, has been handed over to the prosecution.

At 8 am on the 29th (today), the police applied eight charges to Kim Byung-chan, including retaliatory murder and retaliatory threats under the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes, Violation of the Stalking Crime Act, injury, home invasion, special intimidation, intimidation, and special confinement. He was arrested and sent to the prosecution.

Kim, who left the detention center, answered "I'm sorry" over and over again to reporters' questions about the motive of the crime before getting into the convoy.

When asked by reporters to take off the mask and show his face, he shook his head and refused to do so.

Kim is accused of stabbing and killing her ex-girlfriend in her 30s at an officetel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 19th.

The victim was unable to overcome Mr. Kim's persistent threats and stalking, so he requested the police to protect him. On the day of the incident, he made an emergency call twice with the smart watch provided by the police to the threat of Kim Byung-chan.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a personal disclosure deliberation committee on the 24th and disclosed personal information such as Kim Byung-chan's name and age.

(Composition: Park Yoon-ju, Video coverage: Kim Nam-seong, Editing: Cha Hee-joo)