Chairman Lee Jae-hwan sold his stake in CJ Group and secured close to 200 billion won in cash. He also established a private investment company called Property Holdings and started full-fledged investment activities.

This content was exclusively covered by reporter Jo Yoon-ha.


This is a text message that Chairman Lee sent to an acquaintance in June.

“It’s great news,” he says, saying that company B, listed on the KOSDAQ, has good news.

Five days later, he even encourages, saying, "It is a place where an American company has invested, so a premium may occur."

We found out about Company B, which was strongly recommended by Chairman Lee.

Ascent Bio Fund owns about 13% of the shares.

It appears that 67.5% of the fund's 70 billion won of capital was invested by Lee Jae-hwan.

Company B has a deep relationship with Jaehwan Lee.

The fund's CEO, Mr. Seo, is also an executive of the investment company, Jaejoong Holdings, which Chairman Lee holds 100% of.

The reporters have secured a list of investment places where Lee's money is believed to have been invested.

In addition to 'Ascent Bio Fund', fund names such as 'Cheil Bio Fund' and 'JS Investment Center' appear.

However, all of these are headed by the executives of Jaejoong Holdings.

It appears that a separate corporation or fund was created under the names of the directors of Asset Holdings and invested in listed companies, a method commonly used to hide the names of the actual investors.

Instead, Chairman Lee received a detailed report on the investment situation.

[Mr. Yoon Mo: **** as well as ***.

We are talking now that the price will recover soon.]

[Chairman Lee Jae-hwan: Oh, is it?]

[Mom Yoon: We lost about 30-40% from the current high, because we bought a lot at the end of last year. Compared to the end of last year, we continue to make a plus of 10% more profit.]

Chairman Lee invited his acquaintances to invest by frequently telling his acquaintances about the company in which he invested a large amount of money.

Those who believed in Lee's information power and invested in it are claiming that they lost a huge amount of money.

A lawyer who used to be a prosecutor for special cases points out that this kind of behavior by Chairman Lee may be 'manipulating the market price'.

If it is found that Chairman Lee made up transactions with multiple accounts or enticed stocks to trade with false facts, he could be punished.

Chairman Lee said, "I was not involved in the normal operation of Jaejoong Holdings, and I was only talking about long-term expectations about the stock price outlook of the company that recommended the investment, and I have no inside information at all."

(Video coverage: Munsan Bae, Lee Yong-han, video editing: So Ji-hye, CG: Jae-young Choi, Sang-soo Ryu)