Chairman Lee Jae-hwan was confirmed to be involved in a drug case in addition to the allegations just reported. The police have launched an investigation.

Following is the exclusive report by reporter Jeon Byung-nam.


Last month, Lee Jae-hwan, the secretary of Jae-Hwan Lee, chairman of the property holdings, was summoned as a suspect by the drug crime investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

He is accused of purchasing CBD, 'cannabidiol oil', a banned drug.

Because it contains hemp, it is classified as hemp according to the 'Act on the Control of Narcotics'.

During the police investigation, it was confirmed as a result of SBS coverage that the secretary made a statement to the effect that "I purchased CBD through an internet site under the direction of Chairman Lee Jae-hwan."

It was found that the credit card used to buy hemp was also claimed to belong to Chairman Lee.

The cannabis was delivered to Chairman Lee's home.

[Chairman Lee Jae-hwan's secretary (voice substitute): (Chairman Lee Jae-hwan) told me to buy something okay... You're right about buying CBD oil, CBD oil. It is true that I bought a bottle of CBD oil.]

Previously, it was reported that Chairman Lee received a steady supply of different types of hemp oil from a masseuse, but when the masseuse raised the price, he ordered it to be purchased directly from the Internet.

Chairman Lee said that he had been taking 'cannabis oil without narcotic ingredients' because of its anti-inflammatory effect because of the chronic disease.

Also not know the secretary had purchased a "hemp with drug ingredients Oil ', went straight was explanation that".

But police and sikyak Division is the President also haewatdago a marijuana five days consume, sees a potential drug high.

Coverage Team even a hemp five days have secured testimony that consumed the president without abandoning purchases over the Internet

can be taken after rough the hemp ingredients classified as current law on drugs has put some, but sikyak purposes such as treating stroke permits.

police It has launched a full investigation on cannabis dosage charges of the President

(video interview: hongjongsu, choedaeung, video editing: wonhyeonghui, CG: jangseongbeom, before Liu Jin)

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