• Rent a new or reconditioned smartphone without obligation and with insurance included, this is what Next Mobiles offers.

  • The young French company then offers to replace your smartphone with its new generation when it arrives, without modifying your withdrawals.

  • This unique offer allows you to always have the latest smartphone without breaking the bank.

Rent your smartphone?

The idea is not new, but Next Mobiles intends to dust it off.

At the base of this French company founded a few months ago, the desire to change the situation in terms of mobile telephony.

“We have designed a smartphone rental offer that we are proud to recommend to our loved ones,” boast the two co-founders of Next Mobiles.

Both know about telephony.

Frédérick Gian created the distribution company Modelabs and launched smartphones for the Echo brand.

Fadel Bennouna worked in insurance and at Bouygues Telecom.

“My 12 years with this operator convinced me that customer service was essential,”

Fadel Bennouna told

20 Minutes


150 products, 30 references, 6 brands

Their common idea: "Rent smartphones with a sexy offer and easy access to the consumer", explains Frédérick Gian.

Concretely, Next Mobiles offers the rental of new and refurbished smartphones.

150 products (with different capacities, colors, etc.), declined by 30 references from a small number of brands (Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola and Vivo) are displayed on the Next Mobiles site.

A jumble and in order of increasing prices: a reconditioned iPhone 8 for 9.90 euros / month;

the new Xiaomi Mi 11i 5G at 27.90 euros / month;

the Samsung Galaxy S21 refurbished at 32.90 euros / month… up to the new iPhone 13 Pro Max at 62.90 euros / month.

“No asterisk in the contract: the offer is non-binding, with theft, breakage and oxidation insurance included,” explains Frédérick Gian. “Since June 2020, we have taken care of 100% of claims reports. 100% of customers have received an exchange phone, ”adds Fadel Bennouna. Verification made by

20 Minutes

 : Next Mobiles only accepts two claims per year (including one theft and one breakage). Breakage is insured for the whole world, theft in France only. No doubt enough to prevent abuse ... Next Mobile provides for any rented smartphone and for the same price a shell and tempered glass to protect the screen of the rented terminal.


Yes, but an initial contribution is still requested: from 20 euros to 120 euros depending on the model.

Exception: a contribution of 200 euros is requested to rent the Galaxy Z Fold 3 from Samsung, the


of foldable smartphones, rented at 89.90 euros / month ...

The iPhone 13 at 1119 euros instead of 909 euros

Come on, let's start a little calculation, just to see!

Take the iPhone 13, one of the most coveted smartphones of this end of the year. It is available new on Next Mobiles in three colors (pink and blue are missing). The device is available in 128 GB and 256 GB. In 128 GB, the terminal is rented at 42.90 euros per month after an initial contribution of 90 euros. Cost price at the end of 24 months (period beyond which the iPhone 13 can be kept): 1119, 60 euros insurance included. On the Apple Store, the selling price of the identical model is 909 euros.

The cost of its rental is therefore 210.60 euros.

The price does not seem exorbitant, especially since insurance (generally billed between 10 and 15 euros / month) is included.

“Insurance costs are maximized by being resourceful.

I will not give you the recipe, but we have reduced them for the consumer, ”boasts Fadel Bennouna, co-founder of Next Mobiles.

New at the price of the old model

Tip for the consumer: when the brand of the rented smartphone renews its offer, it is possible to ask to exchange its terminal for the most recent, new model.

And this, without the rental price changing.

Basically: it will be possible to switch from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 at the end of 2022 by returning the first (in good condition) without paying more: 42.90 euros / month.

We have verified this point in the general conditions of sale of Next Mobiles where it is indeed specified: “There is no change charge to pay for the superior model except delivery costs.

The customer can change to the higher model, or another model of the same category if he wishes, without any charge or increase in the monthly subscription ”(sic!).

For its part, the returned iPhone 12 will enter the circuit by being cleaned, reset and possibly repaired in France.

“It goes in the direction of the circular economy.

Owning a phone is no longer useless.

We change it regularly, we have to find a buyer… There are a lot of constraints and we eliminate them ”, pleads Fadel Bennouna.

Fraudsters unmasked

Too good to be true ? "We always need time to prove that we do not talk wrong," laughs Frédérick Gian, co-founder of Next Mobiles. On the flip side, some smartphones are currently no longer available from Next Mobiles, such as the iPhone 13 Pro, announced "out of stock". And Next Mobiles offers also attract fraudsters.

"We have a facial recognition system on the identity documents provided by our customers to ensure that they are not fake," says the distributor.

Claiming several thousand customers since the start of its activity, Next Mobiles attracts all types of consumers.

According to its two co-founders: “There are people who make a very good living and who come for the pleasure of being able to change their smartphone regularly.

And others who prefer to rent it with a clear and accessible offer ”.


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