The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have been out for over a year, but are still hard to come by.

With these tips you increase your chances on the popular game computers.

For many gamers, it's a frustration that has lasted for a year: the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are barely available.

Even the Switch OLED, a newer version of the well-known Nintendo Switch, is invariably sold out.

There are several reasons for the scarcity of game consoles.

On the one hand, the global chip shortage allows manufacturers to produce fewer consoles than they would like.

As a result, the supply is too low.

But the demand for consoles is also unprecedented.

For example, the PlayStation 5 sells faster than any previous version, which means that a huge number of people want the game console.

This popularity encourages so-called 'scalpers': cunning buyers who know how to buy consoles extra quickly with software.

They then resell the game consoles for considerably more money.


What can you do if you want a new game console for the holidays?

The best tip is to join a chat app that keeps track of inventory.

The most chosen app for this is Telegram, because many more people fit into a group there than on WhatsApp.

Success stories are constantly shared in these groups.

The Telegram groups use the same technology as the 'scalpers'.

Online robots continuously check whether there is stock and send a link if they have found something.

Then it is important to click on it as quickly as possible and strike.

For example, you can join PS5 Stock Alerts, or watch Spydr's channels.

They create these kinds of groups for several popular products.

Game website Power Unlimited also has its own group.

Stock checker on a site

If you don't want to venture into Telegram and are still looking for a PlayStation 5, Power Unlimited also has a handy inventory checker on its website.

It automatically reports when a PS5 is offered at a web store.

If you're desperate, you can always try walking into an electronics store on the spec.

It rarely happens, but sometimes photos are shared of console bundles just sitting in a store.


Also sign up for notifications by e-mail.

On webshops such as, for example, you can set up an e-mail when the console is for sale again.

The downside of that is that the consoles sell out so quickly that they'll probably be gone by the time you open your email.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to register for these types of mailings;

if it doesn't help, it won't hurt.

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