Adrian Lewis has accused Peter Wright of cheating on Twitter.

The Englishman and the Scot got into a fight on Saturday after their showdown at the Player Championship Finals and Lewis was particularly furious about the turn of events.

The 51-year-old Wright faced a 0-3 deficit, but still won 6-5 against the fifteen-year-old Lewis.

The latter, in his own words, was taken out of rhythm and that resulted in a minute-long discussion between the two gentlemen on stage after the match.

Lewis has lashed out hard at Wright on Twitter.

"He told me there was a piece of floor loose," Lewis began his argument


"My answer was that he took me out of my rhythm. He did that on purpose, it was part of his

game plan

. As number two in the world this is outrageous and you are nothing more than a cheater. He knew exactly what he was doing."

Emotions ran so high that Lewis had to leave the stage with the help of a security guard.

"Honestly, I didn't do anything wrong," continued the 2011 and 2012 world champion. "I was even stunned during the match at what was going on. Afterwards I wanted to know what his problem was."

"Wright said nice things about me in the interview because he knows I've done nothing wrong. The people I argue with always have to apologize because everyone knows I'm not a cheater. I never will be." said Lewis.

Wright had little to say about the feud with Lewis and was more joking about it.

The Scot will play against Michael van Gerwen in the quarterfinals of the Player Championship Finals on Sunday afternoon.


Even after the last arrow in the match between Peter Wright and Adrian Lewis, the battle continues!



Authorrtl7dartsMoment of places15: 08 - 27 November 2021