The main advantages of plug-in hybrids (PHEV) are quickly listed: state subsidy, lower taxes, and they reduce fleet consumption.

If the interaction between the electric motor and the combustion engine is right, the driver can also look forward to a little less fuel consumption than with an all-gasoline engine.

Moved purely electrically, the PHEV, on the other hand, need significantly more electricity than electric cars.

Lukas Weber

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” section.

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The Land Rover Discovery Sport P 300e proves it. Its drive system corresponds to that of the Evoque driven in July, but it is significantly larger and a little heavier. The 309 PS (227 kW) system output is sufficient, and the fact that the only 1.5-liter three-cylinder at the front is not a torque monster is reasonably concealed by the electric motor acting on the rear axle and the eight gears of the automatic. But it is bought with constant gear changes. It starts up electrically when the petrol engine switches on, our test copy jerked a little. At higher speeds, the engine sounds busy, which doesn't really fit the comfortable character of the car. And why is such a chunk allowed to pull only 1.6 tons?

In practice, there can be no talk of 2.0 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers, as shown in the WLTP. Our overall average was just over 10 liters, which is not bad for a car that can transport seven people and weighs 2.3 tons. The disillusionment came in the pure electric mode, because the engine with 80 kW is even more overwhelmed in the stately Discovery compared to the Evoque. The battery has a capacity of 15 kWh, 12 of which should be usable. On the wallbox, the measuring device showed a maximum of 14.8 kWh after a little more than two hours - the possibility of up to 32 kW direct current is well meant, but not worth it. With one charge, we didn't travel 60 kilometers as promised, but rather a maximum of 38 kilometers, despite our cautious driving style.

The operation is a bit better than in the Evoque, but still confusing.

The amount of space, the high-quality equipment and the good all-round view are pleasing, the charge status is shown nicely - the car in the display turns green.

The Discovery P 300e is available from 59,000 euros; with plenty of extras, it turns into 73,000 in the test car.

There should be a bigger engine in there.