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, by Tino Casal; making love at night in the pool of her


, with her newly implanted hair and talking to her famous neighbor (is it really Chayanne?) the next morning. This is how successful

Juan Carrasco

appears in the first minutes

, the character that Javier Cámara embroiders in

Venga Juan


This comedy, now in its third season,

premieres on HBO Max on November 28


Acid, corrosive, politically incorrect and with a very realistic point, the series uncovers the miseries of politics and high places using

a despicable guy, unable to recognize his mediocrity

and who still deceives his family (or so he thinks ) than to members of his own party.

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Carrasco (Cámara) and his inseparable press officer (María Pujalte).


In the

eight episodes that make up this third installment

(as a curiosity, the previous ones were called

Vota Juan


Vamos Juan

) we discover a Juan Carrasco at the height of success.

After passing through the Ministry of Agriculture and the vice-presidency of the Government of Spain

, Carrasco returned to his native Logroño.

The place where he became the mayor and where no one has a good memory of him.

Now, some time later, we see him working in a private company and everything seems to be going well for him ... until

a newly discovered corruption case hits him squarely


When he ruled in Logroño, he had no qualms about accepting all kinds of gifts and bribes.

And now, someone has taken care to tell everything.


The Spain that this series shows is full of politicians, businessmen and personalities as (or more) corrupt

as Carrasco.

You do not need to know much about politics to

find similarities

between what Diego San José (the creator of

Venga Juan

) and his team of screenwriters have, including Víctor García León and Pilar Palomero, and

any case of real corruption that happened in the last decades in Spain.

Javier Cámara and Adam Jezierski on the HBO MAX series.

Computers formatted

in a sloppy way, references to the

arrest of Julián Muñoz

or the always questioned

revolving doors

appear in a story full of strokes of very black humor.

And in which

Javier Cámara moves like a fish in water, putting all his comic vision at the service of the plot.

Memorable occasions when they use their hands to emphasize what counts.

Javier Cámara is Juan Carrasco, a corrupt ex-politician.

In addition, the work of

María Pujalte

should be highlighted

, as her former press secretary;


Adam Jezierski

, as his faithful and unintelligent assistant;

Esty Quesada

as his daughter;


Ramón Barea

as his ex-father-in-law.

Among other issues, these episodes speak of people of fluid gender, morality and love relationships.

All of them, of course, under the prism of a Juan Carrasco who is macho, amoral and a first-rate loudmouth.

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