WhatsApp is rolling out its own sticker making tool.

That starts with the web version of WhatsApp, where you can easily turn images from your computer into a sticker.

Conversations in WhatsApp can be spiced up with emojis, gifs and stickers.

Stickers are the newest category but have been around for a while.

They are small pictures that have been cut from, for example, a photo and that you can reuse regularly.

Until now, to make stickers yourself, you had to download an extra app on your smartphone.

That will no longer be necessary, because WhatsApp is coming with its own tool.

Create stickers with Sticker Maker Studio

Now if you want to make stickers on your smartphone, download an app like Sticker Maker Studio (on Android or iOS).

With this app you can create complete sticker collections in a fairly simple way.

In the app, tap 'Add new sticker pack' and follow the steps.

WhatsApp would of course like you to stay in the app.

That is why it is also possible to create stickers within the app.

For now, the option is limited to the web version of WhatsApp, but the function will undoubtedly be added to the smartphone app later.

Examples of stickers.

Examples of stickers.

Create stickers in WhatsApp web version

To make stickers via WhatsApp, go to the web version on a computer.

You may have to pair it with your smartphone first.

To do this, go to the settings of the app and choose 'Paired devices'.

Press the blue button with 'Pair a device' and scan the QR code on the screen of your computer.

Go to a conversation and then look at the stickers.

There you will see a big plus button that says 'Create'.

Click here to make your own sticker.

You will then be immediately asked to upload an image.

Choose the image you would like to turn into a sticker and then edit that image.

Options for editing the stickers

Editing options are limited, but there are plenty of ways to create a fun sticker.

With the scissors you make a playful cut out of the subject.

With the emoji button you add emojis and with the sticker button you add stickers.

This can also be memojis that you have made with an iPhone.

You can then add text with the text button and draw on the sticker with the pencil button.

When the sticker is ready, you must send it immediately.

Unfortunately, saving in between is not an option.

After sending, you can add the sticker on your smartphone to your favorites by tapping on it.

The sticker can then be used in all your conversations.

Soon you will probably also find this function in the WhatsApp app.

There you will find the same button, you can use all the photos on your phone and you have the same options to edit the sticker.

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