Spotify now shows lyrics so you can sing along to your favorite music, and Google's Messages app can now handle messages from iPhone users better.

These are the apps of the week.


Spotify has made some notable updates.

What you will probably come across first is the option to grab lyrics.

While listening, all you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

The text then automatically flows with the music.

Pieces of text can also be shared as a picture on social media.

In addition, the shuffle button is gone with albums.

After criticism from singer Adele, Spotify has decided to no longer play the individual songs in albums randomly.

From now on, albums just start with the first song.

After that, shuffle can be switched on.

Furthermore, it is now possible for Dutch podcast makers to offer content that listeners have to pay for.

This is often a bonus episode.

The first three podcasts that offer this payment option are

Lekker Lullen de Podcast


Maarten van Rossem - De Podcast


Pa en de Politie


Download Spotify for Android or iOS (free).


The messaging apps from Apple and Google don't always get along well.

Google is now doing its best to translate a feature from Apple as best it can for Android users.

iPhone owners can paste a text message response, such as a thumbs up or a heart, into their messaging app.

This will then be placed in the corner of the message.

When Android users chat with someone who has an iPhone, these responses are sent as separate text messages.

As a result, a conversation quickly becomes unclear.

That now seems to be coming to an end, because Google is rolling out an update for its messaging app that translates these comments into emoji.

These emojis are placed in the same corner of the posts.

If you tap on them, Google will say that they have been translated and sent from an iPhone.

Download Messages for Android (free).

PUBG: New State

The sequel to the extremely popular game

PlayerUnkonwn's Battleground

and its smartphone

version PUBG: Mobile

is now available to play.

PUBG: New State

is available exclusively for smartphones.

In the game you still dive with a hundred players on an island, while the playing area shrinks.

Everyone therefore quickly gathers weapons and armor to defend themselves.

In the end, only one player remains.

Not only is the basic concept the same in this sequel, but

New State also

resembles the original

in terms of interface, weapons and other things


There are innovations.

For example, items can be delivered by drone.

The game also offers a Team Deathmatch mode, but this mode can only be played on a single map.

PUBG: New State

now mainly has to prove itself with new content.

The basics, in contrast to the sloppy introduction of the original, are now good.

That can be built on.

Download PUBG: New State for Android or iOS (free).


Watch the trailer for PUBG: NEW STATE

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