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are a lot of wall pads installed inside apartments these days. There is also a function to check who is outside and remotely operate household appliances such as boilers. As the apartment wall pad system was hacked, it was discovered that a large amount of video inside the house was leaked through the camera.

This is reporter Park Jae-hyung's report.

<Reporter> This

is a video uploaded by a hacker on a foreign website.

There are also scenes of men tying curtains or opening and closing windows, and scenes of women carrying something inside the house at dawn.

All images are from inside the apartment.

How was it filmed?

Looking closely at the reflection in the window, the apartment wall pad caught my eye.

It is presumed that the camera on the wallpad was activated without anyone inside the house.

The hacker claimed to have several videos of the interior of a Korean apartment.

I looked at the Hong Kong website where the leak was first posted.

There are photos of the inside of the apartment, along with an article that 170,000 videos and photos of Korean apartments have been leaked. If you look closely, you can find Hangul everywhere.

The hacker also sent a list of apartments with inside footage to those who came in contact with him.

There are about 700 IP addresses written next to the apartment area and name.

After checking them one by one, they are linked to the actual apartment management site.

Residents of the apartment complained of anxiety.

[Apartment resident estimated to be hacked: (on the wall pad) You can make a video call between generations because it is an internal camera.

Now (the camera) is blocked with a post-it.

I haven't heard of any other method yet.]

An expert who came into contact with this hacker said, "The hacker demanded Bitcoin in exchange for providing the video."

A reporter sent an email, but the hacker did not respond.

The Ministry of Science and ICT and the police directly visited the apartment on the list and started a joint investigation into the hacking damage to see if the video and photos were leaked.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Kim Jun-hee)