The Check Point company, which specializes in cybersecurity, has uncovered major flaws in the Mediatek chips which equip nearly 37% of Android smartphones and connected objects around the world.

Hackers could thus intercept conversations without the user noticing it, indicates the firm in a report relayed by


It would be possible to run malicious code in the digital signal processors (DSP) of these chips and thus infiltrate many devices.

A first flaw allows messages to be sent directly to the DSP, which is normally impossible.

Hackers can then "hijack" this hardware component.

An update to protect yourself

All these flaws were corrected last October.

An update of the device therefore makes it possible to protect against these malicious applications.

"For smartphones, which no longer benefit from technical support, on the other hand, there is no solution at present," specifies

which advises those concerned to be vigilant and to favor the store. Play Store to download apps.


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