Choi Yoon-gil, former chairman of the Seongnam City Council, appeared at the police station around 1:50 pm today (26th).

Choi appeared at the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency in a black suit.

Former Chairman Choi did not answer most reporters' questions about the lobbying allegations.

However, when asked whether he received money or other valuables, such as a vehicle, when the private development project in Daejang-dong was in full swing in the past, Choi replied, "You are writing a novel."

Chairman Choi is also a person who played a leading role when the ordinance on the establishment of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation was passed by the National Assembly in February 2013.

The police are investigating the suspicion that former Chairman Choi received or promised to receive money in exchange for convenience during the last Daejang-dong development project.

On the 17th, Gyeonggi Nambu Police Agency seized and searched the residence of former Chairman Choi and Hwacheon Daeyu office.

It is known that the search and seizure warrant contained the content that Hwacheon Daeyu tried to take 4 billion won in the name of performance pay.

It is reported that the transcript submitted to the prosecution by accountant Jeong Young-hak also contains content to the effect that 3 billion won will be delivered to Choi.

A police investigation into Choi is expected to continue until late today.