The story of a mart that was about to close due to the support of neighbors is inspiring.

'Donchung' is a coined word that combines 'money' and 'honchun', and it means spending for those who have done good deeds or are in a pitiful situation, unlike the rather strong tone of 'to be confused with money'.

On the 24th, an online cafe where neighbors gathered in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, posted an article titled "For the mart owner who is about to close."

The author of the post said, "A good-hearted couple was running a mart, but a few months ago, my wife was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, and they have no choice but to close the business without a plan due to child problems."

"Now, my husband's wish is to sell as many items in the store as possible, including non-returnable items, until the business closes."

The cafe members who heard the pitiful situation at the local mart expressed their intention to visit, saying, "My heart hurts" and "I am in tears."

From the 24th, when the post was posted, to today (26th), the cafe bulletin board was followed by authentication articles from neighbors who visited the mart and shopped.

Photos of empty mart showcases and photos of receipts were also posted.

Some members came up with the idea of ​​"donating items bought at the supermarket," and this was quickly put into action, with some members raising money to purchase items from the supermarket and donating the items to a nearby orphanage.

Netizens who heard the news that the good deeds continued in the unfortunate closure of a local mart are showing reactions such as "It's a world worth living in" and "It's a warm year-end".

This is a 'news pick'.

(Photo=Captured from Naver cafe posting in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do)