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A pastor who deliberately hid the movement of a church member who was confirmed with Corona 19 was fined.

According to the legal community today (25th), Pastor A (57) of a certain church in Daejeon told an epidemiological investigator who came to him in April to identify the movement route following the confirmation of member B's Corona 19 in April, "(B) was an acquaintance in March. With the help of , I went to church alone to pray,” he said.

However, in reality, it was revealed that Mr. B had several religious meetings and even had a meal with dozens of other church members.

The prosecution said that Mr. A lied that he had never held a weekday worship service against the church members.

Since then, 24 people who have been to this church, including Mr. A, have been confirmed.

If you include the so-called 'nth', 31 people were found to be infected.

Judge Park Jun-beom, the 5th independent criminal of the Daejeon District Court, sentenced A to a fine of 20 million won for violating the Act on the Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases.

Judge Park said, "In order to prevent the spread of the virus, we should have provided accurate information about the movement of believers."