• The race for gifts has already started.

    But beware: the good initial intention can also create a little discomfort for the person receiving the present.

  • Among those that should be avoided are certain devices unwillingly weighted down with an underlying message.

  • Garment steamer, men's clippers, vacuum cleaner or bathroom scales are part of this blacklist.

Smartphones, connected watches, Bluetooth speakers, True Wireless headphones… will undoubtedly be among the most popular tech items by the end of the year.

But other equally alluring devices might be less welcome if you were to slip them into your gifts.

“My girlfriend gave me a connected scale last year, I understood that she wanted me to lose weight,” says Tristan, overheard in a conversation between friends on a Parisian terrace.

Thus, certain gifts which would not be purely "pleasure" should be considered with the necessary precautions.

20 Minutes

has selected four… to avoid offering, or at your own risk!

Most useful (despite everything): Philips 3000 Series garment steamer

Ready to use in 30 seconds, this manual steamer will not replace an iron or a steam generator.

Its steam flow (i.e. the quantity of steam ejected per minute) is only 20 g / min.

That's thirty times less than the best steam generators!

The purpose of the device remains to quickly refresh fabrics, such as a shirt, a skirt, a scarf ... Advantage: just hang your garment on a hanger and quickly pass the steamer over it. 

37.99 euros.

The word of apology from Santa Claus: "At least like that, you won't ask me to take out the ironing board again."

No-tech alternative: a 100% cotton poplin no-iron shirt unearthed at Seidensticker.

The toughest: Balls mower from Edward Ventures LTD

"Smooth balls aren't just for Christmas" (sic!).

The press release announcing the launch of this product leaves no room for ambiguity.

To be reserved for the maintenance of male private parts, the “Balls” trimmer is intended as a tool of choice so as not to “appear neglected”.

Rechargeable, the device which is waterproof has a blade whose technology known as "SackSafe" prevents any cuts.

And if there is any damage to the balls, the mower you could send back to be reimbursed. 

64 balls.

The word of apology from Santa Claus: "It's an ecological gift, the manufacturer of this device plants a tree with each mower sold".

Alternative no tech: a boxer from the French brand Le Slip.

Most Inspiring: Hoover HF122PTA Cordless Vacuum

With an autonomy of 40 minutes and a fairly contained weight (2.6 kg), this cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner is modular.

With the help of its various accessories and nozzles, it can turn into a vacuum cleaner for the floor with its rotating brush with LED lighting (practical to see the dust spotting), for furniture, but also for the ceiling with its Long "sucker".

Good point: unlike many others, this vacuum cleaner stands up on its own thanks to its "parking" position.

The capacity of its tank remains very respectable (0.9 liters) compared to that of high-end stick vacuum cleaners, resulting in less frequent emptying. 

169, 99 euros.

The word of apology from Santa Claus: "It will only take 10 minutes a day to do the housework instead of an hour a week".

Alternative no tech: a home cleaning contract at O2.

The most


 : Tarraillon Master Coach connected bathroom scale

The ideal tool to overcome the pounds piled up during confinement?

The Master Coach bathroom scale measures and displays numerous indicators: weight, difference in weight with the previous weighing, body mass index (BMI), fat mass, muscle mass, water mass, and bone mass.

It is therefore also useful as part of a simple diet or sports use to see if you have gained muscle ... Unlike Bluetooth connected scales which require you to launch an application on your smartphone at each weighing, the device is Wifi.

It therefore synchronizes its data in the cloud automatically.

This is a real plus. 

49.99 euros.

The word of apology from Santa Claus: “At least this year, you can keep your resolutions….

New Year's Day ”.

Alternative: a 3-month subscription to Fitness Park.


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