Louise Bernard with Gauthier Delomez 11:17 am, November 25, 2021

The social network Twitter is launching a new feature, "live-shopping", to allow users to buy products presented directly in real time during a live on the platform.

This innovation, which is inspired by a widespread practice in China, currently only concerns the United States.

Shopping and tweeting almost at the same time will now be possible.

At least in the United States.

The social network Twitter is launching "live-shopping", a new feature that allows users to buy products presented directly on the platform in real time.

It is a kind of tele-shopping, with the advantage of being able to buy even more easily, in a few clicks.

A feature that currently only concerns the United States, where the first brand to launch on Sunday is Walmart, a large distribution company.

It is also the artist Jason Derulo who will host the live.

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Live-shopping, a phenomenon in China

This new feature, Twitter is not the first to implement it.

The practice comes directly from China, where live shopping has become a phenomenon in a few years.

Influencers, that is to say people who host a live, are now internet stars and allow brands to generate huge turnover.


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The live shows are original: they mix product presentation and moments of entertainment.

The practice has exploded in China in particular with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has left everyone at home.

In 2022, this type of purchase should also represent 20% of e-commerce sales in the Chinese market.

Concretely, one in five products sold on the internet will be sold via live-shopping.

Undoubtedly an element which attracts American companies to try to globalize it.

In France too, this practice already exists.

Brands are doing live-shopping, as is Brut media via its Brut Live feature, launched in October.